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Lesley Bryce was born with the eye of an artist in the sun and color of Southern California. Starting with crayons, moving on to color pencils and then the artist’s oil palette, at 15 she found her true love and calling in the ability to photograph images. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art Photography-Studio Arts from Cal State Northridge in 2004, Lesley Bryce Photography was born. It has been a dream ride ever since. With a keen sense of personal creativity, paired with her skilled, technical ability acquired through all those years of study, she can rely on her background in traditional film/darkroom processing to inform and enhance her use of the latest in digital technology. The marriage of style allows Lesley the freedom to produce the best possible imagery and she pushes the limits of her artistry with each click of the camera.Lesley thrives on the dual-focus of her business; the private individual and the commercial client. The fresh perspective of her camera work infuses the life into Lifestyle photography. Her love for the drama and comedy of life spills into work with families, children and pets, while her sense of humor and elegance is shown in all the big, small and wonderful moments of a wedding. Lesley realizes each client and their photographic goals are unique. She believes it is her responsibility to bring that vision to her photos; capturing honesty and truth in those rich, timeless moments of life. Lesley believes each experience in front of the camera should tell a story, whether chronicling heartwarming milestones like a wedding day, the birth of a child, or the wonderful day you brought home your new puppy. It is the photographer’s job to capture that moment in time. A commercial client has other specific needs, and Lesley prides herself on working closely with the ideas they bring to the table, to strive, and to achieve, the best possible outcome. Lesley believes the most important aspect of her work is to maintain the observer’s eye, to take the most unobtrusive form when working in any situation. These moments are about the client, not about the photographer. She has the gentle, assured approach which eliminates tension and anxiety and guarantees her subjects always feel comfortable.She would definitely love to be the photographer to help you piece together the fantastic images of your life!

I’d love to talk to you about your needs, vision and wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact me through any of the following methods:

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Tel:     805.443.2188



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